Before my body is dry to piosenka ze ścieżki dźwiękowej Kill la Kill. Utwór był grany m. in. podczas transformacji Senketsu w Senketsu Shippu oraz w kilku scenach z Nudist Beach.

Suck your blood pojawia się w kilku wersjach; oprócz tej wydanej na pierwszym dysku z muzyką z anime istnieje jeszcze wersja :[nZk] oraz jej wersja instrumentalna, a także wersja karaoke, wydana na drugim dysku ze ścieżką dźwiękową.

  • Kompozytor - Hiroyuki Sawano
  • Tekst - mpi
  • Wykonawca - Benjamin Anderson, mpi


I need to wreck it now
I need your brain now
I need your wicked words
I'm just so livid now
I think we're going down
We need to knock them down
Don't want to touch the ground
Let's go!

Come on! Fly away
You don't know who I am
You must try me on
Shut your mouth and follow me

If you want me baby
If you need me baby
If you love me baby
Believe me

I don't wanna go to sleep
You gotta be put me on
You have gotta focus more
I can't lose control of my self
Over head, blue sky
I need you so bad
You're even so mad
I'll suck your blood

So many fools we can fight back
Do it, do it
Many times we had flash back
We can see it
You need me, I need you
We can do it do it
Come on, so let's go!
Knock them out

So many rules we can break that
Easy baby
Use your scissor
Then you do not worry about it
You need me, I need you
We are crazy busy
Come on, so let's go!
Bang Bang Bang

They don't want you
They don't need you
They want to find you
They want to kill you
They want to hold you

Jump up!
Half naked, good lookin'
You're just too hot to suck
Don't squeeze me
Just wait a minute
Are we just winning?
I'm not sure
Get down, touch down
Sway back, hit back
Smack your bitch up! Baby
Kick his head now
Chop it off and take off,
I need your blood now

You and me
But I need your blood first
You must let me suck your blood
Let me get the power from your blood
Come on beautiful baby
Let me suck it
Come on
Smack it up
Let me suck it and I can have power and I can give you power
Come on
Chop it off and take it now
I need it now
Gimme the blood!
You're so hot,
Good lookin’!

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